Unable to access after enabling SSL for Baota

Recently, I used Baota to configure a typecho love website and recorded the problems encountered in configuring Baota panel SSL.


  • A parsed domain name, I use Clouflare CDN hosting
  • SSL certificate issued by the domain name issuing authority


1. Enable Baota panel SSL

Panel Settings - Security Settings, enable panel SSL


I applied for a free Cloudflare certificate. Here, select other certificates, fill in the certificate and key downloaded from Cloudflare respectively, check the box button, and select submit.


After successful submission, the browser will automatically refresh and access the Baota panel using the HTTPS protocol. You can see that the address bar is highlighted as insecure. This is because we have not bound the domain name and the CDN cannot be verified. Untitled

Bind the domain name assigned to the panel. I only set up one site here, so I use the same domain name as the site


After saving, SSL can be successfully enabled. You can see a small lock image

2. If you cannot access after enabling the panel, you can manually enter the following command on SSH to disable SSL

rm -f /www/server/panel/data/ssl.pl && /etc/init.d/bt restart

We can use the cat command to view the content of ssl.pl, which is "True". From this, we can determine that the previous SSL button's function is to generate the ssl.pl file in the /www/server/panel/data directory and mark it as True.

cat /www/server/panel/data/ssl.pl

3. If you cannot access after binding the domain name, you can restore it by deleting the domain.conf file in the /www/server/panel/data directory

rm -f /www/server/panel/data/domain.conf
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