Beginner's Guide to Building a PC



There is a need for a multimedia server and a cloud storage system at home. I need a host that can be powered on 24/7 to serve as a server while also being able to play games. The lightweight office laptop that has been in service for 4 years is no longer capable of running games. I learned from a friend that it is possible to build a decent new host without spending too much money. So, an inexperienced person in the computer community, with a budget of 2000, eagerly started his journey of building a computer...


Without further ado, let's start with the configuration.

ComponentModelPricePower ConsumptionRemarks
CPUR5-5500TDP 65WAIDA64 FPU stress test 77w with PBO enabled power consumption 88wMemory IMC supports dual-channel
MotherboardJINGYUE B550i GAMING900(Board and CPU combo)30wASRock is M-ATX, Gigabyte is ITX, 2.5G network card
Graphics CardASUS 5600XT-6G TUF (mining card)638Furmark stress test power consumption 161w8pin
MemoryJINBAIDA Silver Knight 16GB (8GBX2) DDR4 3600 CHANGXIN C1819612wPriority slots from left to right are ②④
Wireless Network CardIntel ax210 batch 00671Included in motherboard power consumption
Hard Drive (Mechanical)WD40PURX010wSurveillance drive, previously used with a laptop in an external hard drive enclosure
Hard Drive (Solid State)CHANGJIANG Titanium PC005 512GB1716wSSD M.2 interface: M-KEY>B-KEY
Power SupplyZHENHUA Copper Emperor 450W216.91. Non-modular/semi-modular/fully modular 2.+12v reaches over 90% of the rated power 3. Power supply architecture 4. Capacitors: Japanese brand>Taiwanese brand>Japanese brand
CoolingLIMIN AX120 R-SE White68.92.4wAir cooling/water cooling
CaseXIANMA Flathead Brother M2 AIR Snow Edition (Type c)129.9
Discounted Price2048.84

The actual cost is just over 2000, with a focus on white color scheme. The budget goal was barely achieved. Originally, it could have been kept within 2000, but the power supply initially chosen was Xuanwu 550W Bronze, which required a long wait for the pre-sale version. So, the budget was increased to Zhenhua Copper Emperor 450W. Also, this ITX motherboard from Gigabyte does not come with a built-in wireless network card, so it needs to be installed separately. I had already pulled an Ethernet cable to the location of the host, which saved the budget for the wireless network card. However, later I learned that the Bluetooth module is also integrated into the wireless network card, so I had no choice but to install a wireless network card.

Thoughts on Building the Computer#

  1. Clarify the requirements

    My requirements are mainly for a server, with occasional gaming. I rarely play AAA games and mainly play two-player games with my girlfriend, such as "A Way Out" and "Overcooked". We use the living room TV as the display. So, it can be concretely defined as: playing most games on the market at 1080P with medium to low graphics settings -> CPU: R5 5500 + AMD RX5600XT. This combination of CPU and graphics card is perfectly matched. It has been tested and can handle small and medium games at 4K resolution with high graphics settings. The only issue is that the graphics card temperature is a bit high. I didn't choose to install case fans initially, which was indeed a bit lacking. I plan to install them later. Game performance test video The video is in Portuguese, so you can turn on subtitles for translation. How to enable subtitles on YouTube
  2. Learn about hardware knowledge. You don't have to be an expert, but you need to know the basic components of a computer. I will continue to write hardware knowledge articles in this series, so stay tuned.
  3. Learn the process of building a computer. You can refer to the video by the Bilibili user "Hardware Tea Talk".
There will also be a text and image version in the future. It's already on its way!!


Actually, this article has been written and lying in my computer for two months. Since I started working, I have had little time to spare for my hobbies. It wasn't until today when I was chatting with a friend that I finally remembered it. I will continue to update it in the future. Even after work, we should still love life. The same goes for everyone!!

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